It is right
that we thank
and pay tribute
to those who
played their part

It is not right
that we have a Hall of Fame
a Valhalla – a palace of immortality
for those who participated
In racist Apartheid sport

It is right
that Helene Passtoors
is honoured for her part
in our Liberation Struggle
(a terrorist to her torturer)

Is it right
that she is
labelled white
and a foreigner

After all
are we not
And the like
here on earth

Might we not
Just say simply that
she is Belgian
(as with those female volunteers
who graced our little school
here in the recent past)

It is right
a hero/heroine named
though many are not
(and care not to be)
though the dominant party-line
is foremost in the food chain

Is that right?