Is this the fourth industrial revolution?
Will our world be the same again?
Will the economy keep on deteriorating?
How about our education?
Health department at stake.
Businesses closed.
Retrenchment at its peak.

Is this the methodology to control humans?
Is our technology good enough to sustain us?
How well organised is the World Health Organisation?
When will the vaccine be produced?
What is the real cause of this?
When will the cure be found?

Empty promises prevail.
False statements given.
Bitterness amongst governing bodies.
Community division everywhere.
Doubts inflicted in the hearts of believers.
Atheists rejoicing as they say there’s no God.

There’s no encyclopaedia for this pandemic.
Perished are our old systems.
The new world order has been called upon us.
We fall under one umbrella of world governance.
Shall we ever be free again??

Freedom is ancient history now.
We must just form a united front.
We must fight the pandemic as one.
A single tree standing on its own is not intimidating.
But a cluster of trees, forming a dense forest, is a threat to everyone.
They may divide and conquer.
But we shall reunite and remain.