But at least you made me smile
And for a while it all seemed worthwhile
Till your insecurities started to show, then you just wanted to go
No matter what I said you strayed to what you know
Giving up and letting go

I shared what was sacred
Not knowing that your heart was full of hatred
Can’t believe I waited
All that time I wasted
But life goes on like a never-ending song…
Life goes on…
Life a never-ending song…

You just gotta stay strong and it won’t be long,
Till I find someone playing my tune
Right now feels like I’ve been shot in the heart with a harpoon,
But hey it’s almost June

I’mma find somebody to spoon and hopefully I’ll forget…
My one regret…that someone I wish I never met…to the next no disrespect
Bona I said my dues and I guess I’m not the one you’re gonna choose
But I’m not the one that’s gonna lose…I tried to be there but you wouldn’t let me in..
I tried to care but you’re damaged by the demon within
I tried to share but you chose a life of sin…

I’m tired of tearing myself apart tryna give you a piece of my heart
And all that knowledge I was tryna impart…yeah I’m fucking hurt
But I’mma dust off my shirt and rise up from the dirt…
Find someone who sees me as somebody and not just some body
I hope you know I’m sorry…I’m sorry I tried to love you
‘Cause you thought you were unloveable
Sorry you were in my life and got comfortable
Sorry you’re so insufferable