One may just be a simple number,
One may just be a single digit
That no one thinks of highly.
But one is a powerful number
One can change everything.

One mistake is all it takes to ruin a life,
Just one round of sexual intercourse
Is all it takes to ruin everything, one
Kiss is all takes to change everything,
One touch is all it takes to make a

One is so powerful that it can destroy
A nation. It took one atomic bomb to
Get Japan to surrender in the Second
World War. It took one to destroy the
Twin towers and it took one country
To spark Second World War

One may seem like a simple number,
But it is a powerful number, because
One mistake can ruin you, one victory
can build you.

One ticket can win the lottery,
One bullet can kill you,
One word can make you happy,
And one word can destroy you.

Be careful of the number one,
One thing build you, yet again
One thing can destroy you
All it takes is just the number