An eerie feeling of unease,
As the caricature of the
Deadly image is depicted on our screens;
A screeching reminder
Rendering our minds fearful.
Screening the new norm for
Our daily lives like beehives
Covered, we cover up; we hide.

Strengthening our immunity,
Staying inside not giving
It the opportunity.
I sigh as I think of your
Life-saving occupation;
Placed in the front lines
Safe-guarding the lives
That are far from home
Finding a home in your
Familiar presence.

Stationed in the cold corridors
Of hospitals with hardly any relief,
Assisting in newly erupted spread
Control hubs, in hotspot zones.
Who’s your defence in this fight?
Like soldiers going to war;
You put on your full armour.
You are the wind beneath our wings;
With fatigue-filled faces, eye bags
Taking centre stage, a strange time
Of free-flowing frustrations.
As you spend hours upon hours on
Duty, shifting, lifting and sifting through.

Where is your power to heal?
This boisterous zeal of courage
To respond, take action and care.
Share with many this source
Of captivating love for humanity;
You are not quenched by the cynicism of deterrents:
That unravel in the absence of integrity.

Inclinations of despair under
Dilapidated structures do
Not halt your mission to
Preserve life and dignify
The farewell departure of the
Dainty hearts in their unrehearsed
Last release.

Rest at ease as you know you
Did all that could be done.