They seem to be paying in their ways,
That’s when our glances sink in school way,
It’s another lesson learnt the hard way.
No matter how they often keep it, it’s wrong way,
It pays large wages,
Although we seek life in book cages.

Robbery and rude behaviour are detrimental designed ways,
That’s why in humanity’s minds, it doesn’t accomplish any way,
That’s the gunshots on stay way,
When all money is taken in strange way,
Everyone shut up and go away,
‘Cause they fear for their own living,
While soul in body keep leaving.

That’s how I lose my less life for last breath in poetry,
We live with police who are payed to not care.
Others are drugged for their own money to be perilous,
That’s how our brothers and sisters get depressed,
It’s time for madness.
Who can live penniless for the money they worked for,
Police officers, wardens hover with cars to tavern until it’s thirty minutes past seven.
That’s how heartless the world is,
Your docket stays for years in shelves because you come from another province.
You can’t convince those,
Because they earn living by bribery.
They disguise intentions with their misery,
I confide with my soul, things aren’t going to change.
That’s why we live with not breath,
Life is on bottles;
I worship alcohol for living, that little I own in life.

I am room doomed in gloom in my own house,
I know alcohol in smell in my own smell,
That’s how I live on my own mind shell.

Don’t blame me for being lame,
I live where there is no God to take my shame
That’s why I seek no fame,
It’s just has to be peril, to not be same.
I live life of no name,
I allowed life to tag me,
“Life, Just give me name”,
To not feel lame
It’s just what I have on my own “FRAME”.