Divine genius to form perseverance
Which I cannot claim
Nor even extra brightness
But excellence is advertisement
Excellence through hard work
And perseverance in all

An extra mind an extra mile
Beyond effort is teamwork
Lecturers and students combined
Not foundational not tertiary
By terrestrial senior phase
Eager to learn is written on our faces
Through dedication and determination

Since we know “action is a fundamental key to success”
The facilities may not be greater
But the work done inside is the greatest
Manufactures our vision to reach our goals
No miracle will ever be done
To downsize our status

Arrive at our property at six am
And knock off at six pm
Saturday’s teachers teach
On holidays and on weekends camp
Hence that’s why Thandokhulu is one
Of the best schools in its district
I’m proud to be a product of T.K. High