Yes you came long before us
Where you have lived we are yet to explore
Mistakes and regrets you have
Some you have recorded for us to learn from

Despite the advancement we have made
You are still more intelligent
You managed quite well
And made the future we are living now better
But what are we doing?
Can we say the same thing you said?

Whenever people think, they say
What is the world turning to?
Is the future in good hands?
We can’t say what you must have said
It must have been
The future is bright
There will be progress

Yes there are developments
We don’t need years to travel
Because of cars made with gears
Information goes around fast
Yet our initiative seems impaired

Yes progress we have made
Education at its best
Better treatment with the aid of machines
Can help detect organisms
Yet we can’t detect what’s right from wrong

Family comes first then
But not any more
Half of the daily news can give one flu
‘Cause it’s filled with disastrous news

All we are trying to do is to make ends meet
Despite the doctors and equipment available, people still get sick
From worries and anxieties like how to earn and get the next meal
The prisons are full despite knowing the law

We are just going around a big circle each day
Not knowing what we are really waiting for
Oh ancestors! you must be looking down at us with disappointment
Because the legacies you died protecting
We have made a mess
It’s our burden to carry
As we will keep whispering
The future will be bright