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@BeeÅBlur thanks for loving my books. Whenever you decide to write and get it published. Know that Fundza is reliable and helpful. Notify me when you get a story published. I will love to read it
Debbie1 · a year ago
oh thanks author I love your books♥♥ they are exquisitely great!!! I wish to write like you as I am an aspiring writer and I seek inspiration from great writers like you! I'm reaching out for an opportunity out there maybe even here on Fundza♥♥ love youuuu
BeeÅBlur · a year ago
wonder.eke@yahoo.com. Thanks for loving my books. I write because of readers like you. I am sure you will make a great author. Whenever you decide to start writing, let me know. I will love to read your books.
Debbie1 · a year ago
Thanks for the compliment Jennifer Ndivho Mamathoni. I will make sure to work on that.
Debbie1 · a year ago
I love your books author.I want to write like you too.
wonder.eke@yahoo.com · a year ago