Once I locked gaze with you
And I couldn’t look away I
Wanted to swim in the depths
Of what I saw in your eyes

Was it the feelings, in the reflection
Of my own eyes or did it also shone
In yours is my fantasy a reality?

Once I touched your soft cheeks
And I was contempt I felt fulfilled,
Just to have touched my angel

My love is pure, just like my heart
Clear like the blue sea I wish you
The best for you are precious

I look at your face and I want to
Brush back your hair with the palm
Of my hand, your eye draws me in
With its allure

Once I fell in love with you
Forever will I cherish you
Whether you reciprocate
Whether my love becomes requited
You’ll forever be my treasure

For you were the first to make me
Feel this way the first to awaken my
Heart to love you’ve secured a position
Forever in me.