Everything I once saw in the movies came into reality.
There’s an outbreak of a deadly, vigorous virus attacking humankind.
Decreasing the population and making life a survival of the fittest.
It hits hard on our devastated economy as it spreads
All airlines and roads are on a holiday spree,
It will be like this for the next 21 days or so.

The dead really are better off at peace.
We have all fallen victim to an insensitive and invisible virus.
Me, you, and everyone who is God’s creation, now
shares one common pandemic that has become our number one enemy.

It spreads as quick as magician’s trick and it is the poison
that kills us each time we kiss and hug.
It lies at the tip of a handshake ready to infect us one at a time.
We are being kept hostage in the comfort of our homes.
Just this once I was worried about those who are homeless.

This evil foe flies from continent to continent.
It sneaks in like a snake through every border of every country,
Causing shock, fear and havoc as it approaches.

It infects the most famous and the infamous,
It kills soldiers and doctors, and
attacks kings and queens inside their luxurious
palaces and castles as if there’s no army on guard.
It has been on the headlines of every tv channel,
printed in every magazine and newspaper of every country.

All eyes must be on the watch and every one of us on high alert
It is of vital importance that we unite and put our differences aside.

I witnessed history being made and I was blessed and frightened to be part of it;
A story to tell my great grandchildren if I survive.

26 March 2020.