I know who I am, I know what I deserve, I know what’s best for me. I shall not compromise, I believe I’ll get my worth because I am worth it.

You can be lost for a long period of time, then as time goes on all the puzzles fit together. You’ve got direction and you can see how you look, where you’re going and where you want to go too as well.

Being lost or losing yourself is something that happens in life, and there is nothing wrong with that, it’s part of life. You can get distracted by anything in life, things happen, you get too busy. Sometimes you get to focus on things that you don’t want or things that seem too good in your eyes. As time goes on you get driven away by those thoughts and they tend to control you.

You end up forgetting about your worth, sometimes you lose hope because you don’t get the things you want, so you end up compromising your worth. Things come and change you in a very good way, encouraging you to pick up the pieces, and more than anything else you end up realising your worth.

It’s never too late to change and pick up the pieces again, but working on fixing yourself, deserving your worth and going for what you want makes you bring back your worth. Never give up on yourself, that’s something I learned in my lowest times in life. I’m so happy to inform you I realised my worth and entering the 20s, it really helped me.

Know your worth, it’s never too late to change and go for what you want or what you deserve. Value yourself.


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