Many people out there are going through a lot of inescapable pressures. One of the things that gives them a glimpse of the freedom they seek is drugs. Drugs are available everywhere you go, and are as cheap as a lollipop.

By taking any kind of drug, a world of your own desire is created and in that moment you feel like you’ve made it, like you’ve escaped your little prison. Like you’ve achieved it all. But that only lasts for a few hours, so the tendency spreads like cancer. The real addiction is not the addiction on that specific drug, but the zone you get into once you’ve smoked.

There is no one who is ready to give up their freedom just to feel like a prisoner who’s trapped in their own body. Everyone who stands there, in their own shoes are always ready to throw comments and judgments. No one is ready to understand and listen either, to lend a helping hand, to show the right ways in dealing with situations that they’re going through, whether that be background situations, current situations or peer pressure.

I believe that there is no such thing as peer pressure because everyone does their own thing out of their own will, knowing the outcomes of their own actions. We act because we feel like it, we do what we want to satisfy our own needs. Our most desired requirement is to be free and we’d do anything to be free.

Being high is a powerful feeling, you have no responsibility and no care in the world. Your world spins at the flick of your finger. You have untouched strength, no one exists without your permission, all those memories that pressure you to be perfect, fade away and gain completion as soon as your bloodstream is pure again.

We can never blame the source but the person who is affected by its actions. We never look deep enough to realise that it’s not the person’s fault because we believe that people do as they wish. Did you know people who live on the streets smoke glue in winter just so that they don’t feel cold or hungry, but end up becoming addicted. They use being high to get through their daily suffering and we still blame them for smoking glue without knowing the reason why.

The journey we have chosen would be seen as a disgrace to our ancestors. We are more focused on the moment than finding the true meaning of life and finding our own reason to be on this planet. ‘Why I’m here?’ is not a common question people ask themselves anymore. I can’t even ask myself that question because I am too occupied by the wrongs’ and fears of my daily life experiences. It’s hard to focus when there is no leader who leads by examples.

What we have, exposes us to substance abuse. And there is no way of avoiding it now days — at some point you have to take a sip or pull. But it’s up to you whether you stay in that situation or realise the bad decision you’ve made.

The NGOs that we have today are just like libraries. All the information and assistance that we need is just constantly waiting to be read. I consider that to be old school methods of educating people. There are changes that needed to be made to keep up with the changing times.

Some teenagers need serious help, but who would actually ask for help when you are consuming the one thing that helps you relax, relieve you from the pain and sets your mind on a fairy tale adventure? You must have a tight grip on reality to resist.

Lives are lost daily and no one seems to care. It doesn’t matter as long as the person is not one of your own. That’s what they keep on saying. Well humanity has lost its value. We are careless but careful when it comes to things that will benefit us. We rely too much on others to do things for us instead of acting on our own.

People’s lives have become a life of a fly, only meant to live for a few days because no one cares. I care too much about what I am doing right now on my phone to do something that will lead to a change. I’m not lifeless like those who are high right now. But the change of my emotions will one day lead to the change in my actions.


Tell us: Do you agree that people don’t care about anything besides themselves?