I want to share with people how rude am I, because I beat up my brother and that made my life difficult because I always think about it.

It was in December 2010. There was a ceremony at home and people were drinking alcohol, eating meat and food and being joyful. I was a caretaker for everyone at home to make sure that no one starved, was sad or got beaten by another one.

My older brother arrived at home and asked me when was I going to gather cows, sheep and goats. I told him that I have chosen to take care of people who are at home and look after them at that moment because some were asleep on the ground. He asked me, “Can’t they look after themselves?” I told him, no, angrily.

He came out of the car and grabbed some sticks and beat me with them on my back. I turned angrily and threw a wheel spanner at him and some sticks on his head. He fell down because he was drunk. I felt angry and embarrassed for what I had done. Even my friends are afraid of me because I get angry so easily and lose my temper so easily.

This whole thing has taught me that when I get provoked by someone or insulted, I have to think of it deeply and try to come up with a solution rather than taking revenge. It has negatively affected my life since then. There are times when I am alone and think about it and my family members still feel threatened and shocked at me and I don’t like that.

Absolutely I was wrong, and I really regret what I did every sing day. So, to try and make my life easier, I am trying to fix my temper.