It was a cold winter day. I took out my warmest fluffy blanket from the wardrobe and made my way to bed. When I got there, I shoved my cold and shivering body under the blanket, and within the blink of an eye, I was half asleep due to the fatigue I had developed from the house chores I had endured throughout the day. I slowly began my journey towards dream land, but, after only a few seconds into my journey, I took a wrong turn and found myself heading straight towards nightmare land.

I dreamt that I was being attacked by a huge lion with long claws. I woke up and searched for my cell-phone under the pillow in order to switch on the flash light. During this process, I felt something slithering under the blankets. Due to the dizziness caused by my nap, I dropped the cell-phone on the floor, but, luckily, the flash light was on and I could see. I quickly opened the blanket to see what was slithering under it.

It was a baby snake. I guess it had entered from the window I had opened for fresh air at some point during the day. I took the snake from my bed, opened the window, and threw it out. But from that day on, I never sleep with my lights out.


Tell us: How would you react if you found a snake in your bed?