One evening a young rapper by the name of Likho was listening to music on his phone. As he was listening he had a brilliant idea: he wanted to make his own music instead of listening to other people’s music. He took out his book and pencil and started writing some lyrics of his own.

He thought it was easy to write a song but he saw how hard it is. He tried and tried but the lyrics were not compatible with the beat. He struggled with making just one song. He was struggling for hours. He crawled into a ball and started crying.

He said, “What is wrong with me? I can’t even write one song?”

He was crying and he picked up his phone and listened to his favourite rapper, Nasty C. He asked himself how Nasty C could write so many songs and he was struggling with one. He then listened to one of Toonmix’s songs.

It said, “Never give up, if you fall down get up and dust yourself.” He listened to his beat, then his lyrics, and he saw that he should change a few things in his lyrics and he made a song.

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