Jabu lived happily with her parents until one day her father got really sick. Doctors, sangomas, all tried to save him, but it got worse until he passed away. It was only Jabu and her mother remaining.

A few months after the passing of her father, Jabu’s mother felt lonely and she fell in love again. Two weeks after falling in love, the man moved in with Jabu’s mother and Jabu. He came with his two daughters, Amanda and Mbali. The daughters were not so kind or caring.

Jabu’s mother got an urgent call about her sick mother in the Eastern Cape, so she left Jabu with the stepfather and daughters. The day after, Jabu started getting mistreated by the stepfather, and the daughters treated her as a maid. She went to bed sad and she missed her late father.

One week later an invitation came to the house inviting all girls in KZN to attend a dance. The girls were so excited about this and so was Jabu, but the stepfather said, “The prince of music won’t even look at you, you are not worthy to be present.”

Jabu looked at herself in her room. The stepfather started preparing for his daughters so that they could look wonderful on the big day. He wanted them to win the prince’s heart.

The big day finally came, and Amanda and Mbali looked dazzling and gorgeous. They left for the dance, leaving Jabu all by herself.

Jabu started looking at herself in the mirror and thought about what the father had said and how cruel it was. She started crying. As she was crying, she felt a tap on the shoulder. It was her father appearing as an angel. He comforted her and he saw how sad she was and how she hoped to attend the event. Her father gave Jabu a tight hug and her tears were wiped away. Her old dress turned into a lovely shiny gown; she looked amazing and she couldn’t believe it.

Without wasting much time, her father snapped his fingers and she appeared at the event, but she got a warning: “Don’t let your cruel family see you.”

As Jabu entered the room, Vuyo, the prince, was amazed and right there she won Vuyo’s heart. They started dancing, smiling and giggling together until Amanda noticed that the girl dancing with the prince looked familiar.

Jabu saw that Amanda was getting close to recognising her so she ran away. Vuyo followed her, but could not keep up. Jabu stopped for a moment and said, “Be my light.” She ran away leaving no trace.

A few weeks later the prince had no luck in finding the love of his night. He organised a talent show so he could hear every girl in KZN’s voice. All girls tried, but no luck.

Jabu asked, “Can I go to the talent show?”

The stepfather and daughters laughed and told her to go. Prince Vuyo was about to give up on finding the beautiful lady. Jabu stood up and looked at Vuyo’s eyes and said, “Be my light.”

After hearing this he was delighted and asked for her hand in marriage. They lived happily ever after.

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