I’m Munyai Muimeleli Elliot from Khubvi and I’m 24 years old. I want to tell you why I love Happy.

To me, she is my dark chocolate cake, my other half. In fact, I won’t speak much on how much I love her, because I’ve already spoken about her in two of my stories, “Her Ocean, Her Wave” and “She came as a light instead of she came as a bright”. I spoke a lot about how I ended up falling in love with her.

I know from the bottom of my heart I love her, even if she gets sick and cannot use the toilet by herself, I will always be by her side, trust me. She never trusted me when I complimented her beauty. She always compares herself with others but I never saw a flaw in her, God made no mistake. I still remember when she saw one of my posts on Facebook captioned, “Ke morata ka lirato la lirato lirato la mbilu yaka.” She read a comment which said, “Indeed your dream came true you found a girl called Lirato.”

I replied to that comment saying, “Don’t do that my sisters you will make her angry, I meant another girl I love now, called Happy.”

After she saw that she saved the screenshot and texted me. “Why you didn’t you tell me that you needed to marry someone named Lirato?”

“My dark chocolate cake, that was old days when I was still young.”

“OK, you can call me Lirato if that will make you happy.”

“My dark chocolate cake, no! Don’t compare yourself with others. I love you the way you are, your small little eyes like birds, your body looks like a potato, you are my potato. Please, can you accept that all the bad things you see on your body, I love.”

“But… Muimeleli…”

“Not but, can you please stop comparing yourself with others?”

I always fight with her when asking for a selfie, she would hide her face with emojis. When I asked her why and she would tell me the reason, I wouldn’t understand. Maybe she didn’t know my reasons for loving her. Everything people saw as ugly, to me it was a decoration. She never accepted her body. I took pictures during our video calls, to me it was beautiful, the cutest thing ever, but she didn’t forgive me for taking them.

I’ll always be there when she needs my help. Now she chooses to be far away from me, but I still love her. She is always in my heart. When I miss her, I touch my chest, I swear I feel her. It’s just I miss her touch. To make her happy is my goal. To make other girls want to be her when they see her treated like a king, not a queen, because, most people don’t know this, but a king gets better treatment than a queen.

The love I have for her is unexplainable. If someone asked me why I love her I would say, “I don’t know,” but if you ask me why I fell in love with the girl with the Asian eyes, my answer would be, “Her eyes.”

True love is unexpected. Love is a disease that, since God created earth, no one has been able to determine. We can diagnose it as disease but we can’t treat it, even a professional doctor can’t treat it. I always ask myself who put pain on love, I swear, if you know that person, tell me, I’d rather go to jail because that person put pain in the wrong place. I understand why that person put pain on death, but why on love?

God, if it’s You, please, maybe it’s time you take it off or give me power to control love. I swear, divorce will be history. I don’t understand why we should suffer for things we love but we don’t suffer for things we hate. But anyway, that is love, we don’t have power over it.

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