I remember the day when Deborah and I fought for the first time. She was fighting with me for being a snitch. Joy, another kid from my neighbour’s house, eavesdropped on my conversation with Ronnie about Deborah.

She was so mad at me and I felt so perplexed and guilty. Why would I talk badly about my best friend? I went home and cried my heart out. I knew Debbie was the only bestie I had ever had. I went to my granny for some advice because she gave sage advice.

She suggested I should go over to her house with milk cookies, to elucidate and apologise. I did as she instructed but Debbie refused to accept my apology, she threw the cookies right at my face. I ran back home while her vociferating voice reverberated in my head. I elucidated everything to Granny and she embraced me tightly.

“Everything doesn’t work in our favour sometimes, we just got to let time decide,” she added.

My parents called me to return to my domicile, and I agreed. I didn’t want to stay at Granny’s any more, I couldn’t take mad Debbie. My feelings were irrepressible. The day I was leaving arrived and I left without my sayonara to Debbie. I looked at an aesthetic photo of Debbie and me. I shed a tear but I had definitely learned my lesson. I stopped reminiscing and laughed. For those were my enchanted memories of my childhood.

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