Changing from a bad life to a good life is not as easy as changing from a good life to a bad one. It all started when I was still young, living with a family that abuses alcohol. When I grew up I never heard anything about God from my parents because they never raised me as a Christian.

Life started getting better when I went to school because every Monday our teacher gave herself time to teach about the word of God. Every moment when I was at school I would feel safe and freer than being at home. Life was not easy at all for me because I spent most of my time with my parents.

Things became more difficult when I met a friend who influenced and I started drinking alcohol like my poor parents did. I did and eventually I became addicted to drugs. Most people would give advice but it was not simple to turn back. My life was just a comedy to many people. I was not just addicted to drugs but using drugs and alcohol affected my marks badly.

One day I was from the bar when I met a man holding a Bible. He gave his time and introduced me to the word of God. Turning back to that little boy was not easy at all but because I gave my heart to God, the word of God changed me and gave me a second chance.

For now I have my own church full of people with some who travel from their different countries just to attend my Sunday services. My friends are no longer on drugs and are now used by God and they are leaders of the worship team.


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