Whether a child is a boy or a girl, children are children! Here I am, a mother of two girls. I wish to give them everything in this life. But it’s so hard to let them play outside, or even away from me. I always keep my eyes on them like a hawk.

They have to let me know where they go all the time, even when going to the toilet. After a few minutes, I go check if they are fine. Other mothers think I am paranoid. Why wouldn’t they think like that? I am somewhat obsessed with my children’s well-being. Who can blame me? The world is a cruel place. Children are raped every day. Children are abducted every hour. Children are killed every minute.

If something ever happened to my kids, it shouldn’t be because I was careless or not taking good care of them. I am and will always be extremely cautious when it comes to their lives. No mother will bring harm to their kids.

Let’s stop women and children abuse. Let’s fight against human trafficking. Let’s fight against drug abuse. Let us let all children be free and enjoy their childhood. Let’s save a child today!


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