Little Dinosaur saw Big Dinosaur coming. He went under a rock. He was scared of Big Dinosaur.

Big Dinosaur had big teeth. His big teeth went crunch and down came a tree. Big Dinosaur ate all the leaves and he went to sleep, but a fire came. Little Dinosaur saw the fire coming.
Little Dinosaur was scared, but he went tap, tap on Big Dinosaur. Big Dinosaur woke up. He saw the fire coming and he ran away fast.

“I can’t run, the fire will get me,” said Little Dinosaur. Little Dinosaur was under the rock, but the fire was coming. He had to stay.

Tap, tap. Little Dinosaur looked up, it was Big Dinosaur; he had come to help. Little Dinosaur got up on Big Dinosaur’s back and Big Dinosaur ran fast to the river.

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