I still remember it like it was yesterday, the beginning of a journey that changed my life. It was in 2016 and I was only 22 going on 23. I was a thick, beautiful girl and the problem was not on my curves or how big they said I was for my age, the problem was with my health. I remember how I could not do the things that I enjoyed doing when I was young, like dancing. A few dance moves and my heart was pumping like it was about to come out of my mouth. My grandmother noticed and she advised me on making changes in my life. I would get furious every time she told me that because denial had the best of me.

In 2016 early March, we were at a family gathering where it was fun and everyone was having the best time of their lives. The following morning I was by myself looking at the pictures that were taken the day before on that event and I hated what I saw. I was big, out of shape and I hated myself but mostly I hated how I felt, my clothes did not fit me anymore and I was not ready to buy a bigger size. As my grandmother had advised me, I saw the truth in it, it was definitely time for me to make changes in my life.

I went shopping the following month, it was April and I got to this one shop where I saw these beautiful sneakers that caught my eyes. Well, they were not really my style but they were beautiful and they were actually exercise sneakers. I knew I had to buy them, I knew I had to take them home with me. Even though I wasn’t planning on exercising because I was afraid of the unknown, I still bought them. It wasn’t long after I had bought them that I started using them. Yes! I started working out. Firstly it was a jog around the house, a few laps and I felt very proud of myself, it felt like a huge achievement. I put on my sneakers the following day and did the laps around the house, only this time, I added 5 more. In a week time, I was confident to hit the road. My sneakers carried me through. With the bright shoelace and the bright sole I hit the road like a pro and I was very happy.

I have never turned back since then. I live a happy, healthy lifestyle. I have bought other exercise sneakers but these ones will forever be special and close to my heart.