It was my day for my devotion. I saw my soul depart from my body. I couldn’t feel my breath, I was suffocating. I thought it was just a dream. I saw my body fall down, I heard people screaming. I heard people’s voices hushing me to wake up. I was voiceless, they thought I was pretending, but it was my last day, it was my day for devotion.

I found myself in a dark shady kind of wood coffin. I was a corpse. I tried to scream seeking help, but nobody could hear me. My coffin kept rolling down until it reached its destination. People continued crying, but some were happy that I was no longer breathing the same air as them. The next moment I saw the pastor thanking people for coming then they went home.

It just ended there. My family couldn’t believe I was no longer there and they also left for home. In about three minutes my soul left my body gently. I saw light coming from the sky, penetrating into my coffin. My soul took a journey through that light coming from the sky.

My soul kept running. I wanted to stop it, but I couldn’t. My soul had a long journey. While running I saw a golden door in front of me. I tried to penetrate it, but I couldn’t, the door was too strong for my soul. I tried to scream, but my poor voice was voiceless. I knocked three times and at last the door opened and said you may enter.

While I was inside I saw many roads. I was blinded by the light coming from different sides. I saw angels and they sang song after song praising the almighty. I saw a big golden chair, but I didn’t see anyone sitting on it. I saw light bright above on the other side. I saw Jesus Christ. I couldn’t believe my eyes, but it was real.

I realised it was my judgement day. It was very tranquil, like I was in high court. Angels gathered to witness my judgement day. At that moment one of the highest angels opened the book of life. He started showing everyone my life, from the beginning which was my birthday. He kept turning pages, I was frightened. He brought my dark deeds to light. I bent my head. It was terrifying. I started crying, but it was too late. While I was crying I heard a voice coming above from the judgment room and that voice said to me, “Go and fix your ways, you never know the time.”

I smiled. I left the judgment room and I kept running. I woke up from the dream, our last days


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