It was a Thursday morning, around 7. It was winter and everyone was feeling the cold. I was on my way to work and took a taxi to town. I was in a happy mood and when I arrived in town there was a lot of noise and the sounds of cars and many people because it was month end. I told the driver I wanted to jump off at KFC.

I jumped off and started walking. I didn’t notice the guy who had come up behind me until it was too late. He grabbed my shirt and I waited in shock.

The guy said to me, “Letha isikhwama!”

He took my bag and ran away. I was in shock.

I was screaming, “Yee, please help! Someone took my bag. He ran over there.”

As the guy ran across the road at the robot a car hit him and he lay on the road. The car sped off.

A lady picked up my bag and gave it to me. “Nasi iskhwama!”

I was very shocked and traumatized. It was a very bad day for me I nearly lost everything.