Poverty can make you commit suicide. We as human beings adore money more than a person, which means we can kill each other. Elders say we choose it but no, everyone hates poverty so you have to strive chasing it and hand off to prosper. Say pardon to the substance or person that obscures your view. See the plight is that it’s easy to know the right thing to do but hard to do it, especially the youth.

We, the youth of today we are lazy.

Mostly we puff the weed and think we have it all. No we just hate being loyal but not all of us. And I think we make our parents poorer by being lazy to succeed. And it starts with reading hopefully, believing in that you’ll be a genius and live the big life.

Don’t be silly, the bigger the life you know is the cheaper price. So if you allow poverty then the more expensive things will be. It starts with reading, speaking properly and ending up being smart and nobody will tell you what; you are walking on the right path.

Money is what we adore, poverty is what we hate.