No means no. When I am saying no, it means I refuse, I do not want, I cannot. The word no tells the condition of someone exercising the right to refuse.

There are many conditions where there are some tasks you have to express your rights about the situation where you cannot allow your rights to be violated by any other person. It is very good to say no depending on the circumstances and the results of your actions.

To promote and develop a safe and healthy society in our communities we must teach and lecture our children and youth about how and when to say no in any conditions. Our children were taught to say no to strangers, they should be taught about the situation and time on when to say no.

I have been in many situations where I could say no for protection and my safety. I could say no sometimes in situations where the condition is well, good and exciting, when my favourite soccer team has missed a goal, I could yell, “No!”

You could say no, but it does not mean that you are not happy or that you are angry. No comes with different types of personal feelings.

I could say no to strangers, when I am being forced to do what I do not want to do, bullies, xenophobia, anyone who causes violence to surrounding residences and discrimination of humankind’s abilities. As all human beings we have a lot in common but our differences are not the same to one another. I could say no to protect my community against the wrong doers.

In life it is necessary to manage the rejection and refusal on what is going to come, and it depends on whether or not it is in good standard that will satisfy the needs of your expectations. The reason why I could say no is because I do not want it and I want you to stop before you go any further.

If you see yourself allowing and even nodding your head in lot of conditions, even if you are not sure of the situation, it is addictive. You should stop it as it is dangerous to your health and safety, you would always say yes as it will be something you are used to. No one will harm you if you say no to anything that makes you feel unsafe.

I could say no to give a negative response to refuse what I dislike. The good way to respond to someone is to listen before you answer. We normally have conversations where others would say no to the statement, even though the statement is correct and well phrased. I could say no to someone who would go through my personal information without my permission.

I could say no because I value my time and I do not feel guilty for saying no to others. I told myself that no means no and that is why I could say no.


Tell us: Do you agree that it is good to say no when you are uncomfortable?