People often don’t understand us. Then they fail to grasp how we act and think. According to their own ‘handicapped’ perceptions, it’s like we should always endeavour to fit in the society and do things they desire us to perform. Why are we supposed to think or carry ourselves like them? I wonder if there is any valid reason that compels us to refrain from being ourselves and opt to mimic others.

I do believe that God has created us differently in terms of appearance, physique and behaviour so that we can be unique. Certainly, our difference plays a pivotal role in making the world a beautiful place to be in. By the way, I believe it’s reasonable to be comfortable in our own skin. I want to imagine a world where all the people are identical and act the same way. Once more, I want to visualize a society where everyone has the same calling or purpose. And so the picture I get is actually very horrible.

I recall one of my allies making some remarks about how I approach life. He stated, ‘Man, you’re just living your own life. You’re not like your siblings. You just don’t mind about your parents’ fortunes. I just peeked at him and laughed.

I was like: “Look who’s talking!” I thought perhaps he was trying to tell me that I should ‘fit in.’

Yet, I was not much astonished because the society always teaches us to fit in; it teaches us to be like others and to avoid being ourselves. I am aware of who I am; I know my purpose; and to live my own life is not a big deal. But, I am so ashamed to realise that the society wants me to abandon my perception of life and to embrace other people’s views.

When I try to be myself and do things my way, I’m regarded as being rebellious. Truth is, my calling doesn’t afford me chance to dwell in other people’s dreams as they also can’t pursue my goals. It is good when each and every one of us devote our energy and time to live our different dreams and reach our purpose.

Regrettably, I have realised that there are some individuals who believe they have the power to shatter other people’s dreams by ignoring their purpose and discouraging them. Each and every day they tell them that they won’t bring home the bacon in their pursuits because they chase things that are far beyond their expectations. But if we are all mindful of our calling and purpose, our dreams won’t be overshadowed by anyone. It doesn’t matter how long it will take us to get to our destiny, but as long as we are true to ourselves we will achieve our hearts’ desires.

God truly knows our plans and how huge they are. For Him to fulfill, He only needs us to be patient and to sustain a spirit that never gives up. When the time is right, we will rise above the occasion and shine like stars. Then those who try to discourage us will just be disappointed. They will begin to understand better that we have different purposes in life.

The calling is much stronger and people won’t settle until they attain their goals. Calling needs discipline, trust, patience and clear vision. Nothing can hinder your progress. When the time is right, if you are still holding on to your vision, you will accomplish greatness.

It’s always important to keep the flame burning in your hearts and chase your dreams nonstop. If you keep chasing dreams of others, you will end up being nothing because you will be rising against your purpose.

Remember, the calling is stubborn; it declines to surrender, no matter what circumstances prevail. But, keeps holding on to the end.


Tell us: Why is it important to always pursue our calling?