People automatically become your friends when you have money not when you are broke or don’t have money. When you have money people praise you, honour or respect you more than their God. People start seeing you as a very successful person. Girls would even wish that you were their boyfriend. On the other hand boys would even wish that you were their girlfriend. People do think in this way because some think that you could end all their social problems, take them out for shopping, date them without any complaints, go drink with them and do other nasty things.

When you are broke or don’t have money, even a single coin in your pocket, you have zero friends since you do not possess what is beneficial in their lives. They start seeing you as a useless person, a jerk, even reaching a point of telling you that you don’t have to be their friend. Others even form new friends and abandon you.

Remember, some or most of those people whom you call “friends” are not in your life because they want to be with you. Others just belong in your life because you have money or other valuable items or things that would sustain their lives. So choose your friends wisely, not all your friends are your friends.