As we live, some people are like Adobe Photoshop. They tend to manipulate our lives with some fake stories or with some rumours that they have heard about us, just to appeal real to other people or for other people to believe it. They ruin people’s lives and sometimes rejoice when they see you not living a happy life or living the life that you deserve.

Other people are like antiviruses in our lives. Instead of asking us what they want to know about us in person or by using other acceptable means to do so, they secretly scan our lives without our permission. Just to find out many facts about us in every folder of our lives, with an intention to find out as much as possible, whether the information be truth or lies. They don’t care, they still spread it.

The funny part is that they tend to focus and scan more on the negative aspects of our lives than the positive ones. Just like the way an antivirus focuses on the files infected by viruses.

When they find more negative stories about you, they tend to get more excited, as if they have acquired a scholarship to study somewhere outside the country. Or as if they have been promoted at their respectable jobs by their employers. On the other hand they behave as if they are blind or they are angry with their boyfriends or girlfriends over something else, or as if they are at a funeral when they find out about some of the positive stories of our lives.

One thing they don’t realise, or they don’t know or understand, is that each one of us is not perfect but only real. And that is why we have both strengths and weaknesses within us. In addition to this, they don’t know that for a rainbow to appear in the sky, the rainfall has to perform its magic.

Once they have scanned our lives they tend to also live out the successful stories of our lives and keep our bad chapters in their vaults. Like an AVG antivirus that detects and stores viruses in its vaults from our computers with an intention to show its user.

The very same with such people. They spend sleepless days and nights scanning for problems in our lives, just to look good in the presence of other people. Even though they get paid nothing, but rather earn an honourable title “Gossiper.”

The funniest and most interesting part is that these are the very same people who have that thing we call a short temper. (It never stops chasing them.)

These are the very same people who make a lot of noise on social media, in the streets and in all the other places where people exist. They make more noise than the noise from construction sites. They tend to yell, shout and even post some horrible messages on different social media platforms.

When other people do the same deeds to them, with an intention to avenge themselves or to just show how angry they are with that person who has wronged them, they forget that it is their daily routine. They forget that there are more numbers of gossip stories in their cells than the number of brain cells in their brains.