Women of strength are those women who don’t go with the flow, but go with the will of God and they are not scared to go against the wind. They know they have a purpose to fulfil and they will do what it takes to fulfil it. They are leaders and not followers. They are aware that what they carry inside of them is huge and they use it to touch lives and make a difference. These women’s strength doesn’t work for only them, but for everyone around them and they dare to teach others.

A Blessing is not a blessing till its shared

God has blessed us, as women, in a big way and He uses us in different ways. When you know you are blessed, you have to use your blessing to bless others. Take it upon yourself to make a difference around you and use the strength that God has blessed you with to make a change.

Be that woman who will take a stand one day and say “I have fulfilled my purpose; I reached out and I made a lot of difference around me. I dared to take a stand and now a lot of young women around me have also dared to take a stand and make a difference. I have used my blessings to influence other women to be great. I am happy because many women around me are willed and courageous to take a stand. I have led women to be great and do great”.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be this woman? A woman of strength, substance and power? A Deborah and Esther of the new Era?


In the Bible, God used a number of women to portray the power of women and I want to use two characters; Deborah and Esther. Oh! Deborah the Judge and the Leader. This woman led men to where God wanted them to be and she did this exactly the way He wanted her to. We need to draw a lot from this woman. Among men she didn’t feel hopeless and weak; but she realized the power that God instilled in her and utilized it to her full potential.

This is exactly what we need to do; utilize our potential and make it work for us. We need to stop downplaying the greatness within us, and make use of it to be the best that God created us to be and at the end, we will sing the song of Deborah where it portrays a woman’s power.

“…Most blessed among women is Jael, the wife of Heber the Kenite; blessed is she among women in tents. He asked for water, she gave milk; she brought out cream in a lordly bowl. She stretched her hand to the tent peg, her right hand to the
workman’s hammer; she pounded Sisera, she pierced his head, she split and struck through his temple. At her feet he sank, he fell, he lay still; where he sank, there he fell dead.”


Wow! Esther was a risk taker and a woman who fought for what she believed in. She had a very good position – Queen – and she used her position to influence. She dared to take a risk for her tribe and she wanted to make a difference. She fought a good fight, but did not use weapons, neither did she fight at someone’s expense and all she did was to fast, pray and use her charm. She knew that she had power within her and she utilized the power to save and protect. At the end she achieved her goal and saved her people.

This is what we have to do; fight for what we believe in and fight a good fight. We all hold positions as women (be it at home, work and church) and we need to use the positions to influence and make a difference. We should not turn a blind eye to serious issues and we have to tackle them. There is a lot happening around us and we need to take it upon ourselves to make a change.

We need to realize that we are blessed beyond measure and we need to make use of our blessings to reach out and touch. We need to be mothers to the motherless, bring hope to the hopeless, show love to the distraught, be kind to the broken and encourage the weary. There are a lot of problems facing our society, so let us choose to be part of the solution…