I’ve come a long way and have grown to see how the real world really works. She was the one person I could talk to about anything and she made me feel good in times when I felt bad about myself. Her stabbing me in the back has shown me her true colours; she is not the person I thought she was.

I’m the only child in a family that doesn’t have much but my parents do try to give me everything I wish to have. They may not have a lot of money to buy me whatever I want, but I believe that they will be able to provide better for me and themselves one day.

I’ve never understood why other teens were jealous of their friend for having flashy and expensive gadgets or clothes; to me materialistic things don’t define a friendship. Friendship is about being there for each other and supporting each other at all times. I’ve come to see that is not how some people see it, though.

My friend gave me the silent treatment when my parents bought me new clothes or shoes; why that was I had no idea. I’ve always been supportive of her because I expected her to do the same for me. One day, when I visited her at her home, her mother told me that I wouldn’t pass Grade 11 to go to matric and that bothered me. I’ve always been nice to her, that’s how my parents raised me; to have manners and treat adults with respect. God is good though; I passed Grade 11 to her dismay and continued into my final year of secondary school.

It hurt me to know that my friend resented me for something I had no control over; I couldn’t help it that my parents wanted to provide me with the best that they could. She and I were like sisters; I shared everything with her and even gave her the clothes I didn’t wear or want because I knew that her mother couldn’t afford to buy her new ones. We’re still friends but I don’t trust her as much as I did before. We still go to the mall, I still pay for lunch and I still smile and laugh with her, pretending that nothing has changed because I value her friendship more than she does mine.

Don’t just take someone’s word for it when they say they’re your friend; get to know them better first before you share your feeling and inner-most secrets with them. People talk and gossip when they don’t see you struggling, even those that claim to be your friend. The words ‘best friend’ shouldn’t be used lightly because they have a lot of weight on them.


Tell us what you think: Would you keep a friend even though you knew they were faking the friendship and wished you ill?