I am a young girl and still in school. People always say that I am boring because I am always reading my books. Some say I am a nerd. My parents always told me that I should let them be. They have had parties and didn’t invite me because I’d ‘kill the vibe’.

One summer day, I decided to go to a party in my neighbourhood without an invitation. I wore shorts and a tight vest because I was known for wearing long dresses. I arrived late, so all eyes were on me. The girls who were well-known for fashion and cool dance moves were so jealous. I got invited into many cool parties.

We may be nerds but that doesn’t mean we are not cool. Stop treating us like we are different. Yes, we like books but fun is what we also like. Let’s hope from now on you won’t judge us by the outside but by the inside.


Tell us: What do you think of people that call others names for being bookworms?