It’s funny to be in a place where everyone can accept who you really are. People here can give you love, honour and grace according to your needs. Here in my church I find all of that.

This is how my story of my best church starts.

I came here to my church with my mother. My mother loved this church so much because Pastor was touching people’s lives. People possessed with demonic spirits were getting healed in the name of Jesus. So my mother and I went to the church. But I thought, “I wonder, is this church going to make me bored, or what?” But my mother was smiling and saying we would be healed. I asked her, “From what? Because I am fine and healthy.”

She replied, “From demonic spirits.”

“What are demonic spirits?” I asked.

She replied, “You will see.”

I thought, the word ‘demonic’ does not sound good, but I walked along with her.

When we arrived at the church everyone was just raising their hands above their heads and praying a lot and having a lot of tears. I was lost. My mom was just happy that we had arrived. We sat next to each other. The people were singing. When the church choir sang everyone had to stand up and sing. Nobody could stay sitting because the church was an angelic, deliverance and prophetic ministry.

I did not sing because the songs that were being sang, I didn’t know. I was just nine years old, so people didn’t have a problem with me not singing. The time went by.

There was a lady who was leading the church before the apostle arrived. She said, “We can sit down, because there are some announcements to be made.”

After the announcements were made the lady clapped her hands and everyone stood up. I was looking for the person that everyone was looking at. I saw a man whose name was Mr Apostle Mmapu. He was smiling and greeting people. He went in and stood at the front and shouted into the mike.

“Shout, shout, Hallelujah!” All the people shouted Hallelujah. He greeted all the people and said, “I greet all people of God in the name of Jesus.”

I was thinking, why is this apostle so kind to people? In other churches that I went to every pastor did not smile like that and make jokes so that people’s minds can be here at the church, not far away.

When he started to preach the word of God, he first said, “I am bringing God, who you profess that you know, but who’s powers you don’t know.”

All of the people smiled and were excited.

The chapter he turned to was John 3 verse 16. He said, “For God so loved the world he gave us his only son so that we, as his children, cannot be harmed but prosper and have everlasting life.”

My mind started having questions like: Who is God? Who was his son? Was his son Jesus? And where do the evil spirits come from?

When the apostle was preaching it was like he was talking to me and he was answering every question that came into my mind. I took the bottle of water that was brought by my mom’s friend and gulped the water and listened some more.

After finishing preaching he came to my row where I was sitting. I was so afraid of him. I squeezed my mother’s hand and he gave me one bar of chocolate and two sweets. After that he started praying for the people. And the people were falling. Every time he was putting his hands on anyone’s head that person would just fall. That day I was so amazed and I was so surprised. I told every friend of mine what happened that day and I was so excited to go another Sunday.

Two years later…

I was made to join the church choir and I was so happy and excited because the Apostle, Mr Mmapu, said I should join the choir and he is a man of God. So he can see what I do, whenever I do it – in a hiding place or wherever I am – he can see me and he guards me.

Whenever there is trouble that will come to me, he will quickly call me. I love him so much because if I have troubles with something else he will talk to me as a father. He is also a wonderful father to those who are fatherless and he is a mother to the motherless . So that is why people and children enjoy to be in his presence.

So now I am singing for my church. Ooh! I forgot to tell you my church home. The church is the Christ Healing Fountain Ministry. So that’s all from me. Bye and God bless you!


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