Once upon a time me and my friends lived in Montavido. One day we went to the tuckshop to buy some sweets and chips. When we got inside the shop we bought everything. When we were about to come out the shopkeeper stood in front of us checking if we weren’t stealing. He didn’t find anything so we went out. I went home with my friends.

On the way we saw a bunch of people who were going to the tuckshop toyi-toying about the high prices there. The customers that were in the shop to buy did not have a way out and couldn’t buy things because the shopkeeper was busy calling the police.

Me and my friends got home. I switched on the TV. My mother said. “Go and take out the ice cream from the fridge.”

I went to the fridge and saw lots of meat and sausages. I took out the ice cream. On the TV there was the weather news. I was so focussed on what the weather lady was saying my friend said, “Lusanda why do you look so focussed?” I did not answer.

My mom said, “She adores it. The weather is her life.”

I laughed. On TV again I saw Beyonce wearing a red dress and carrying a beautiful purse. She was walking on a red carpet but she did not see that there were people who were carrying bags filled with mud. They waited for her to come closer to them and then threw mud all over her. At home we laughed at her. It was published in newspapers and magazines, because it was the best, funniest news ever.

I switched the TV off and Sinazo P said, “Mmm…this is the tastiest ice cream ever.”

Outside people were making a very big noise and there were police and daily news coming to get information from the people about what was going on at the tuckshop. There were people who made wooden billboards running around the tuckshop. The police protected the shop. The shopkeeper was useful because he served the police drinks to drink when they were thirsty. It was interesting to us.

And even what the people were doing here had never happened here at Montevido. The policeman resolved the matter and the shopkeeper said he would reduce the prices. The people were happy and went to their homes. It was now the noise of happiness they were making. My friends went back to their homes and I stood with my mother watching the people being happy and others were singing loudly and laughing. It was a good day at Montevido.