Life has a series of disappointments, but what people don’t know is that hidden behind every disappointment is an opportunity. How do you respond when life, family, friends, those closest to you have disappointed you?

Many times your capacity is discovered, unleashed and expanded at the lowest points of your life. It is in very few instances where capacity was discovered in good times. Maybe the pain you are currently experiencing right now is necessary to enlarge your capacity. The situation you are going through is preparing you for the great victory. So hang in there.

Remember, there is no champion without a battle. It is not good moments that make us what we should be, but tough and difficult moments.

What you need to know:

– That too shall pass. When it does, you will be better and wiser.
– How long you have been determined?
– Even though circumstances may pull you down, they should never put you down.
– Keep on walking, never stop no matter what.

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