“It is an honour and privilege.” These are the words that I, as a young girl from nowhere special, will say in some place special.

I have never been this surprised in my life. Our heavenly father can surely do miracles without hesitation and doubtfulness for his children. Just then, I felt nothing but sorrow and bitterness inside me. Believe it or not, life is a journey, but I choose not to underestimate myself, nor be intimidated because of obstacles.

I might be young, but I am blessed to understand that the challenges of life are not presented to people to leave them fragile and hopeless. For a dull moment, and for some reason I don’t know, I felt small, weak, neglected.

“Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets.”

Just to be clear with you, I am a girl who lived a life full of regrets. I lived a life full of pain, but not because I was paying for my bad deeds or maybe for doing something wrong. I was fragile to accept the calling, I was fragile to accept success.

Many tend to forget who they are and what they are capable of doing. I used to utter the words, “I wish I could become a teenage published author who will be known worldwide.”

It also amazes me how I almost lost the opportunity. Luckily, I am a girl with brains and I don’t get intimidated by minor issues. Yes, life has its ups and downs; that I can agree with. Being a neglected teen by one of my parents proved that to me.

Our backgrounds also count; everything counts and this hurts. But does that mean you must stop dreaming? Well, think again. Not long ago I told people to “Move from being nobodies to being somebodies!” and as a result, I followed my advice and found myself as a teenage published author. The journey was tough, but believe me when I say God will never, under any circumstances, give you challenges that are bigger than your strengths.

I promised myself that I would never give up until I wrote the words ‘The end’ in my book. Low self-esteem tried to drag me down, consciousness tried to caution me, but I refused to listen. I held my head high and hoped for better days. This is not just an achieved writing journey, but it’s a journey full of testimonies.

What would break my heart would be to see myself achieving alone. I challenge you to stand up and fight because you’re not a coward. How long will you sit back and fail yourself? Fight while you still have time. Many had plans for their futures, but most of them died without achieving any of them.

Age is just a number; you are never too young or too old to achieve anything. You’re the only one who can change your life. Fight while you still have time, and never be like people who use the words like “I want to”, but instead say “I will”.

It is never too late, and remember, it always starts with a dream!


Tell us: What is your biggest dream? How will you achieve it?