In the depths of misery no one was there, I cried and drowned in my sorrow. In the depth of my tears no one could hear my voice. Silenced by fear of naysayers, I kept quiet and no one knew. No one knew about the depression, the trials and tribulations, the heartache and the misery I call my life.

Happiness is now sucked out of me, like a candle light burning in its last moments and all of the hope I had darkened. I now roam in a bleak state of mind with no purpose, wandering helplessly, feeling lost, forgotten and unloved. Sometimes you wonder if the crucified person on the cross is me, screaming, “Why has the Lord forsaken me? Is it a punishment? Is it Him showing affection?”

No matter the length of prayer, or the amount of faith that has given me an answer. Then I start to answer myself, the purpose I have in this life is to be miserable.


Tell us: Do you think a person should choose to stay miserable?