It was on a Saturday morning, I woke up early and washed my face. I then went to pick up my friend John, so we could go hunting. I had never gone hunting before in my life.

In the midst of hunting we came across a Springbok and we started chasing it. And with a sudden roar of our feet we saw a lion coming towards us. I said to myself, the school curriculum teaches us to use our minds, so think Sifiso.

I told myself that I will let nature take its cause, that this time I am going to use my legs because this one requires stamina more than intelligence. I ran like thunder and the lion chased me like lightning. As we all know that there is lightning before thunder, the lion eventually caught me, crushed my skull and killed me.

Somehow my soul could see everything as it was happening. Because after the lion ate me it left only bones and the vultures came and finished the bones later on (now this is strange). As for my friend, he continued to pursue the Springbok, caught it and went home with it. Nobody remembered me, almost as if I never existed. Surely this is a day that I will never forget, especially when one gets to be forgotten by their loved ones.

After so much trauma and heartbreak, at least on my side, I woke up and realised that it was all but a dream, a dream that I hope and pray never comes to life. Because surely that would be the day that I would never forget. No wonder I could see everything as it was happening (as a third person), it was all but a dream, I told myself… Sigh.


Tell us: Have you ever had a dream that seemed so real?