The day I started doing wrong was the day I refused to make coffee for my grandmother. I was angry at her and I wrenched the cup from the cupboard and it slipped out of my hands. She knew I did not want to make coffee so she became angry and wanted to hit me. I ran through the back door screaming,
She shouted, “Hey, wena.”

Then I shouted for my mother. “Mommy, help!”

My mother went with me to my grandmother. My grandmother said. “This child of yours does not want to make coffee for me. Now she is breaking my cups.” My mother turned back with a boiling face.

I saw a car that was my father’s car. I ran again through the back and went to my father. I said to him, “Daddy I didn’t mean it. I was just angry because she interrupted me from the game that I was playing. She wanted coffee and I went into the house angrily and pulled the mug from the cupboard and it just fell down. Sorry daddy.”

My father asked, “Who are you talking about?”

“I am talking about granny,” I said.

My father replied. “Mmm. Don’t worry about her. She is always drinking coffee.” He asked again “Where is she?”

“She is with Mom.” I answered.

My father said, “Don’t worry. I’ll sort it out.”

My daddy and I went inside the house and my daddy whispered in my ear and said, “Go to the boot of my car and take the box of chocolates so that I can give it to them and they can stop making such a noise.”

I ran and took the chocolates and bought them back. My dad gave them the chocolates and gave me one and I ran back to the park to play with my friends.


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