You know I was listening to a radio show the other day. The presenter on the show was explaining how the older generations were respectable and responsible youth. She was highlighting how back then, the youth was focused, determined and self-motivated to do good in their lives

This had me thinking. Are we as the youth of 2018 not focused and serious in life? Are we ignorant to issues that we as the youth are facing?

To go back to that radio show; she continued by highlighting what is going on right now. She talked about teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, uneducated youth because of bad life choices.
I think she was right. We are losing it as the youth. The youth of 1976 in Soweto fought for us so we could have options and make choices. So we couldn’t blame older people for not giving us options and space to choose from.

We are choosing to do terrible things. We are choosing to not have a successful life. Why are we choosing bad things? Why are we not making the previous generations of youth proud of us; by thanking them for standing up for us, for starting this fight against injustice in black communities?

What’s holding us back and hindering our success? What is our excuse?
I know that the struggle is not over and it is still far from ending, but what are we doing now?
I think us as the youth, we need to start to recollect ourselves. We need to stand up to the issues that we are facing.

The struggles are not the same anymore. What are the problems we are facing now? It pains me a lot when I get more questions than answers, when I point out wrongs but don’t have solutions of how to actually right those wrongs.

The youth of today have more resources than ever before. These resources are easy to access but we don’t put them to good use.
Social media and the internet has evolved; we use it almost every day but not necessarily in a good way.

Let’s go back to the drawing-board and be responsible for our actions.


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