Sometimes bad things happen and hit us in our lives until we die. You know there are days you must pray and pray, God has eyes and his eyes are always open, no matter what. You must trust Him and believe in Him every day.

Once upon a time in the Eastern Cape, in a town called King Williams Town, in a village place called Quzini near Bisho, there was a big river called Nofeliti where the young boys used to play and swim. It was a dangerous river down in the forest. My brother and his four friends use to swim there but our parents didn’t like that. My brother and his three friends were six years old and the other one was four.

One day they went there as usual but my brother wasn’t there on that day, he had visited our Granny. They went to their homes later one but only three of them, the younger one wasn’t back home. They were scared but they just pretended that there was nothing wrong that had happened there. The younger friend’s name was Sibusiso. His mother was hunting for him but it was too late, his friends said they didn’t know where he was. The mother didn’t sleep that night, she was praying.

In the morning she went to the police and the police didn’t find any evidence.

She went to the boys again to find out the truth. Their mothers beat them and they ended up telling the truth after eight days. The truth was that there were two big guys that caught him and ran away. Who those two guys were, the boys said they didn’t know. Luckily after a month there was a boy, bigger than those ones, who saw the abduction. He was just hunting birds on that day and he saw those guys catch Sibusiso and run away. That boy named those two guys. Sibusiso’s mother went to the police again but the police didn’t do anything, they thought maybe she lost her mind.

Apparently those two big guys took the hand and arm of the boy and went to the sangoma to have dirty money. They took that little angelic body and buried it there in the forest. Sibusiso’s mother ended up knowing the truth. She was crying, asking God many questions: “Why me? Why me? Oohh my son!” She was crying for three full years after her son had passed away. She cried until she died without getting any justice.