After being in the darkness of love for many years without even a glimpse of light, all I was hearing is the sound of a shouting, song and screaming of the dangerous wild. I tried to walk, so that I could get out of that darkness and reach the light. I just stood on the same place full of sweat, terrified.

Everyone mistreats me and calls me hurtful names. I don’t think that there is anyone who saw me, because no one would stand up for me, even God, because He can’t even answer one prayer of mine.

I heard the sound of storm and lighting coming and I finally believe that I’m going to die by the flood, because my whole life I never learnt how to swim. Maybe I should hunt a dangerous lion so that they can eat me or should I unclothe myself and commit suicide?. Because this night is too long and I never got any sleep.

After unclothing myself, I looked at sunrise and I saw the light come and the heavens open. Light fell from heaven to earth, at the same time an earthquake came from the West. I never took my eyes off heaven and I saw an angel coming from heaven, slowly. When she arrived, she greeted me and held out her hand, I never let go of her hand. She told me that I should give her a reason why I should live again.

“You were born and raised from this beautiful place. A flower that is beautiful from nature. Which loves herself the way she is, with nothing added on. When she came I heard lighting and earthquake. Naturally she celebrated her existence. The light that comes and the whole darkness disappears. Darkness will never defeat the light you brought. God heard my prayer and answered it, by bringing a beautiful angel. Make me be proud by your beauty, the beauty given to you by God. Happy is the man who fathered you and blessed is she who carried you for nine months. Happy are those who know you from when you were infant. I meant it when I said I will shield your heart with full of love.”

She loved my praise and she introduced herself, “I’m Happy Masegare from Dzwerani and I loved the way you praised me. That is your reason why you should live again and see the light of love.”
She finally become the light of my love and become bright on my heart.


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