People ask how they could possibly end pressure. But, how can you hustle so hard if nothing is pressuring you? I subscribe to the saying, β€œA man will never act until there a problem.”

Personally, I love pressure because then I have no option but to face my problems and through that, I get so much done. People don’t understand how they find money in no time more than when nothing is pressuring them? Well, it is because your mind is reluctant if you’re not under pressure, so you are likely to quit your plans.

How about if I ask you to change the way you see things? See an opportunity where others see nothing but problems. Being a genius doesn’t mean doing something different but doing the same thing as everyone else but in a different way.

Change the way you see yourself. You are who you think you are. Be positive. Stop complaining about your failures and ask yourself what mistakes you made, and more so, what the situation is teaching you.


Tell us: what are your thoughts about pressure?