I still remember it like it was yesterday.

It was a very crazy afternoon. It was peak hour and there were crowds of people on the road and noise everywhere – taxis buzzing, people rushing to work for the night shift, and boys on the corner minding their own business.

So there I was in the sitting room. I’d just finished eating when I heard a Bang! Bang! Bang!

I was annoyed by the person banging on the gate outside and screaming,“We-vusani!”

I grabbed my cellphone from the shelf and removed my charger then went to the kitchen door.

“Frieeennnd!” I said running to open the gate. I pulled it open and reached to hug her with excitement. We both laughed.

“Ubuye nini ekapa friend?” I asked, as I opened the fridge to get her some cold juice.

“Izolo ebusuku, I wanted to surprise you,” she replied. “Angithi wena uhlezi ungekho,” she added.

“I’m so happy you are back though. I can see you are very excited. You can’t stop looking at your beautiful friend,” I said referring to myself. We both had a good laugh.

We sipped on our juice, excitement all over our faces.

“So I have good news for you, actually that’s what brings me here back home before December,” she said. I looked at her impatiently waiting to hear what she had to say.

She took her time sipping her juice, sitting back comfortably in her chair. She waved her hand at me and that’s when I saw the ring. It was dazzling.

WHAT! I jumped forward and took her right hand. She had a triangle diamond ring on her small finger.

“Oh my God!” I said with so much excitement.

We both stood up, hugged and celebrated.

I still remember it like it was yesterday. On November 10th my best friend brightened up my dull day with the most exciting news. My evening went from boring and dull to beautiful and flourishing. How can I forget those breathtaking sparkles on her finger? She made my day.