Thabo was a boy who loved his father. One day his mother got a call from the Free State to say that his father had killed himself. It was the worst moment of Thabo’s life. He was so sad, he cried and cried.

He could not stop crying. He didn’t want to do anything. He didn’t want to go to school. He didn’t even want to drink water. But his mother said, “You have to go and write your exams so that you can pass.” She called their pastor who said to him that he should write his exams and try to stay positive.

He went to school but even at break he was quiet and not speaking to anyone. He went to tell his librarian as he was going to miss his reading club sessions. He didn’t care that other children were watching him and knew what was going on.

When he got to the Free State he was happy to see his brothers as they cheered him up, making jokes and speaking in Sotho. He could forget his father’s death for a moment.

The next day his mother and her friends came from Diepsloot and they all went to the funeral. When they were throwing soil on the coffin his sister was pushing his younger brothers back saying that they didn’t have to throw the soil as they were not their blood, but his other sister said, “Leave them, let them.”

He didn’t like it when people took photos there. The church choir sang and everyone mourned. He will never forget that day. He will never forget his father.