A phoenix is a bird that existed ages ago. It was a bird that was said to rise from ashes. It symbolises the empire and the resurrection. That’s why I love it so much, because when I see it I see myself and the difficult situations I’ve been through.
I am a reincarnation of the phoenix. I’ve been through hell. I thought my world would always be dark and lamenting, tortured soul is what I was.

Anyway, this is not about me. My eyes are always prying and I see how people suffer out there. It’s OK to cry and let it out. Tears wash the agony away and it cleanses the eyes. You’re not weak for crying.
Whatever you’re going through, it will pass. There is always a silver lining like the Lord says, everything has its time. There is time for gloominess and a time for happiness. There is a time to live and a time to die. You’re not going to be stuck in this hot mess forever.

If you had fallen, tell yourself that someday you will rise like the phoenix. People might have thrown the towel on you, saying you’ll never make it, I say you will make it, just believe in yourself. Don’t allow your dreams to burn into ashes. Young girl, it is not too late for you to pick yourself up. Yes, you made a mistake by falling pregnant. It is not the end of the world, just because you’re somebody’s baby mama doesn’t mean you should drop out of school.

Education is the key to success. You’ve got dreams to become an attorney or a doctor, don’t let the darker day’s fade in with your bright dreams. You are a phoenix. Go back to school, learn and pass your matric so you can go to university. Wipe those tears and pain you had caused your parents by rising up again. You do not need older men’s money to make it in life. You do not need a blesser or a nice cougar to buy you sneakers in exchange for sex.

Thinking about hanging yourself because of the hurt caused by the break-up of the one you loved. What I’ve noticed, the reason we hurt so much is we care too much. Break-ups are not easy, it’s hard to get over the person you loved. But, you’re going to be fine and suicide shouldn’t be your option. Like the sun that fades it will rise again, just like this darkness in your life the sun will shine again.

You’ve got so much to live for and you will be buried six feet under whilst that person you committed suicide for is living their life pretty well. I used to think I will always be trapped in the darkness. I am afraid of the unknown but that beautiful legendary bird really inspired me that if I fall I will rise again.


Tell us: Where do you draw your motivation from? What inspires you to keep going forward when times are hard?