Amanda came second place in Grade 8. She was very happy.

Her parents already knew about her certificate and had planned a surprise party for her at Fourways. But Amanda did not know about it. When she came home she changed her clothes. Her parents told her she needed to hurry up because they were all going out. She was surprised because usually her parents don’t want to bother her when she is doing homework. But then Amanda’s mom phoned the place and they said the place was not ready. So her mother told her to finish off her homework. But Amanda knew something was going on. But her mom said, “Don’t worry dear, just be patient.” The afternoon started getting on Amanda’s nerves. She finished her homework and then read her book. And then again asked her mother what was going on. “Wait a minute,” her mother said, “I will make a call.”

“Come,” her mother said. “Time to go.” At Fourways it was empty and Amanda thought her mom and her were going to have a picnic. Ta-da! People came from everywhere and she saw her friends coming to celebrate her academic excellence. They had a party. It was the best day of her life.