Have you ever felt like your life has ended and that you’re just a lonely ghost with no plan of how to get through? And you have finally made peace with the fact that you’re not worthy of anything? You have already given up on everything and you’re used to being in the darkness because nothing is going well. Everything is just a mess, but you have too much pride to ask for help.

After a long day of job-hunting but still you fail to get a lousy interview. Everything you believe in is just a lie. Even your belief in God at times feels like a waste of time. You are used to having everything you wanted but now cannot even get one thing that you need the most, a job, so you can be a father to your newborn son! In addition, to take responsibility and relieve stress from the college girl you impregnated.

You were working but got retrenched due to corona, and had no income for a year. You are stressing because you cannot feed your family, as they were dependent on that little salary you earned. You could not even save because you have all six siblings looking at your pocket when the month ends, then they do not understand because you no longer providing for them, how do you recover from that. How do you escape from that pain?

You apply for jobs but you get rejected. The only thing you hear is managers telling you that they do not have vacancies now then you go back home. You do not know what to do next because you are hungry and have not eaten since the day before, because you gave your supper plate to your younger sisters to share in the morning before they went to school.

The life we are living is not easy but that does not mean give up on yourself, do not punish yourself. You have done nothing wrong for trying and failing, so keep trying repeatedly. I know it comes with an unbearable pain but it is worth taking a risk. I mean you’ve got a lot at stake, a family that believes and loves you. You have siblings that look up to you, so why not take that risk and make that mistake once again? It might go into your favour.


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