Roy was a young boy who was deeply in love with a girl called Nozipho. Nozipho was 20 years old and Roy was only 16 years. He was still in High School and Nozipho was a matured lady who went to Durban University of Technology.
Roy wanted Nozipho high and low but the major problem was that Roy was younger than her.

Roy tried by all means to express the feelings he had for Nozipho but he always got nervous and scared when he saw her as she was gorgeous in a way that you’d swear she was from heaven.

As the time went on, his feelings increased. Roy had sleepless nights because he was always thinking about Nozipho and what he could do to have her; Roy was deeply in love.

He decided to go and talk to her at that point he didn’t care of being rejected as long as he had tried his best.
Roy finally told her how much he loved and adored her. She found herself both speechless and amazed when she heard such sweet words coming from such a young boy.

Nozipho was impressed but then again Roy was too young for her. Nozipho told Roy that it wouldn’t be easy for them to be in a relationship but they could be friends.

Roy was crushed but he understood and eased the situation. He was content with having a beautiful friend like Nozipho even though his wishes didn’t come true.